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Baris Yuksel
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Baris Yuksel is an independent consultant and advisor specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Baris has been focusing on designing and developing next generation features and technologies, trying to create magic moments.

Baris worked various teams during his 8 years at Google. Most recently, he was at Google Translate team collaborating with the Google Brain team to migrate Google Translate onto the new deep learning platform. Prior to that, Baris led the engineering team for Project Shield at Google Jigsaw, building a free reverse proxy for protecting newspapers against DDoS attacks. Baris also worked on Google Search with Craig Nevill-Manning, founder of Google New York. His work helped bridging the world between Search and Google Now Assistant making smart news article suggestions and developing recommendation systems. Prior to joining Search, Baris started and lead maps spam team at Google Maps. The spam team built machine learning algorithms dealing with big data, and designed intelligent systems which detected spam. Baris has volunteered in Africa at numerous computer science workshops, teaching new technologies to African college professors. He has an ongoing passion for spreading the knowledge in developing world to transform human experience for a better tomorrow.

Baris graduated from MIT with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, minoring in Economics. He is the inventor or co-inventor on several patents. He is a native of Istanbul and he currently resides in New York, NY. He loves the city, and has an avid passion to help building a strong tech community there. Baris loves cooking.

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Selected Patents:

06-13-17 - Document ranking based on entity frequency

10-27-16 - Notification Engine

11-24-15 - Systems and methods of correlating business information to determine spam, closed businesses, and ranking signals

09-15-15 - Systems and methods of detecting keyword-stuffed business titles

04-27-15 - Identifying terms

08-18-15 - Method and system for identifying business records

09-27-11 - Automatic detection of similar business updates by using similarity to past rejected updates

09-07-11 - Method and system for identifying business records

12-03-10 - Systems and methods of detecting keyword-stuffed business titles

10-01-10 - Map spam detection

Selected Past Talks:

03-31-16 - Decoding the Road: Computational Tessellation of Central Asian Architecture, Center For Architecture, American Institute of Architects NY Chapter, NY

07-04 to 07-08-16 - Tensorflow Machine Learning Training for Googlers @ Google, Mountain View, California

05-07-14 - "Making a Career in Technology", @ WeWork, NYC

05-03-14 - "Machine Learning Workshop", NYU Polytechnic

04-26-14 - "Machine Learning Workshop", Tech Triangle U Hackathon, Brooklyn Tech Triangle

03-29-14 - Code For Good, HackDuke, Duke University

03-26-14 - "Software Engineering in Africa", Gallatin Business Club, NYU

03-21-14 - PearlHacks, University of North Carolina

02-27-14 - "Machine Learning Workshop", Penn WiCS, UPenn

02-22-14 - Keynote speech, BluePrint, MIT

02-14-14 - NYUAD International Hackathon, NYUAD, Abu Dhabi, UAE

02-11-14 - "Innovation and Software Engineering", University of Zanzibar, Tanzania

01-28-14 - Google Tech Talk, UPenn

12-10-13 - "Computer Science for High School", Academy for Software Engineering, NYC

12-06-13 - "Machine Learning Workshop", General Assembly, NYC

11-16-13 - HackDuke, Duke University

11-15-13 - NYUHacks, NYU

10-15-13 - Startups of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Center, NYC

10-05-13 - HackMIT, MIT

09-21-13 - MHacks, University of Michigan

09-07-13 - PennApps, UPenn

02-02-13 - MHacks, University of Michigan

01-19-13 - "Artificial Intelligence at Google" PennApps, UPenn

01-19-13 - "Google Maps API" PennApps, UPenn

11-16-12 - 88mph Seed Fund, Cape Town, South Africa

11-12-12 - Google Tech Talk on Google Now, Google G-South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

06-28 to 06-30-12 - Google Faculty Training, "Google Technologies Workshop", Accra, Ghana

06-25 to 06-27-12 - Google Faculty Training, "Google Technologies Workshop", Lagos, Nigeria